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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's been Awhile

Hey everyone sorry it has taken me so long to put something new on here. I have been in between moving and traveling. I decided to take my camera along for the ride. It has been a really great summer and I have had some fantastic moments to do some nature photography. I love God's gifts... Nature is amazing!!

I love looking at the small details of nature... you sometimes find some great moments. 
(Found this little guy on a hike in Idaho, City of Rocks trip)
( This was found on another hike, Lake Hyaha in Bear Lake, Colorado)
(Idaho, City of Rocks)

(Found near Lake Hyaha)

And then again its good to keep things in perspective. 
Nymph Lake, Colorado
Morgan, Utah
Bill's wood shack making a cedar bowl at Cheley Camp Colorado (Made myself a bowl out of Poplar) 
Lake Hyaha 
Cheley Camp's favorite dog... Hidie 
My new favorite obsession... POWER TOOLS. (Bought me a Random Orbital Sander the other day!!)
Another great moment right before sunset... (City of Rocks in Idaho)
Prickly things are fascinating.


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